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Fallout 4Reelz WIP by p51cmustang
Fallout 4Reelz WIP
"War. War Never Changes. In 2025, the storm of world war had come again. In two brief hours, most of the planet was reduced to cinders. And from the ashes of nuclear devastation, a new civilization would struggle to arise."

 Aiden Whynot- Aiden Whynot was a resident of Vault 16 in Ogden, Utah. The Vault was a cryo facility similar to Vault 111 in The Commonwealth, except the residents were informed they were being frozen beforehand. 200 years into the experiment, there was a malfunction in the cryogenic array and killed most of the residents except for Whynot and six others. After leaving the Vault, Whynot eventually made his way to the Capital Wasteland where he met someone he thought died when the bombs fell....

Dom Oranzi- Dom was just waking up when he heard there had been a nuclear detonation in New York and incoming missiles to Philadelphia. He evacuated to the local Vault- Vault 93, where the residents were cruelly experimented on with radioactive materials. Where most of the residents either became Feral Ghouls or died, Dom showed promise. What the Vault-Tec Scientists didn't know was that, while his physical appearance only went through minor changes, he developed a Deadpool-like split personality leading him to kill the scientists and overseer and escape Vault 93. He too made his way to the Capital Wasteland where he established the town of Megaton, due to there being an undetonated Nuclear Bomb in the middle of it. One day a caravan wandered into town. Dom having gained an excellent memory, immediately recognized one of the traders as one of his pre war friends.........

Rob Slezak- Rob was admitted into Vault 74, a control vault.......mostly. When some of the scientist who came in brought some material from the militaries top secret FEV project the overseer allowed the side project of creating a super soldier. one night ten years into the isolation the scientists, being the c*nts they were injected Rob with the FEV. Instead of becoming a Super Mutant he started to age slowly gained radiation resistance and gained super strength........and stayed human. When he found out what had happened he decided to leave the Vault, The Overseer, also being a c*nt, refused this and had Rob locked up. 200+ years later he ended up escaping and leaving the Vault, only to run into some old friends a short time later..............  

Evolution of the jjprise by p51cmustang
Evolution of the jjprise
Updated the TMP JJPrise Refit to be more TMP Like
More TMP Like Deflector housing
More Streamlined nacelles
Lengthened Stardrive Hull
TV Retrofit JJprise by p51cmustang
TV Retrofit JJprise
My Attempt at reducing the "eyesoreness" of the JJ Prise

In this attempt I

Modified the deflector dish to make it look more old school

Added custom jj trek tos ish starfleet pennants in places the original Enterprise had them

Removed the TMP like torpedo launcher I personally think it looks better with out it

Modified the impulse engines from the 2009 STXI version to the 2013 Star Trek Into Darkness versions

Added the ships name under the Starfleet Pennant

More tos-ish hull colour 

Red ramscoops 

More TOS Like bridge and sensor dome

Added more minor details

Additional upgrades to come

I Have To think

original JJprise by Capt shade
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So im gonna be deleting all my ship deviations in order to please :iconcrystal-eclair: if anyone has any objections speak now or forever hold your peace
Admiral Black by p51cmustang
Admiral Black
So my friend :iconspidertrekfan616: posted a photomanip of David Tennant as Captain Harold Rasmussen of the NX-03 Challenger. So I decided to continue with the cast and make Admiral Black Portrayed by George Clooney.


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So im gonna be deleting all my ship deviations in order to please :iconcrystal-eclair: if anyone has any objections speak now or forever hold your peace

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You need it i can do this
10 for ships
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