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RMS Britannic 1930s AU by p51cmustang
RMS Britannic 1930s AU
The Great Depression hit the White Star Line very hard. So much so that they relegated Their former flagship to a mere cruising role with a route in the Mediterranean, While Titanic and Majestic still ran the weekly Transatlantic Route. Britannic was repainted white with a green waterline, gold Davits and airscoops and her central propeller removed and placed on her deck. When "The Bid Two" (White Star and Cunard) merged with White Star taking a majority holding over Cunard, the newly established White Star-Cunard Retired the laid up Mauretania and Berengaria, with Berengaria being sold to a M. Schmidt and an F. Pines. Britannic however was brought back into Transatlantic service while Titanic underwent a major overhaul of her systems and Coal-to-Oil Conversion. She was saved just in time to serve in WWII.

UPDATE: Added the Detached middle propeller.

The Previous Nightguards by p51cmustang
The Previous Nightguards
The Time Lord named "The Nightguard" has had many incarnations each one of them different from the last.

The First Nightguard
The First Nightguard was an outgoing man with a sparky personality and a kind word for everyone. He encountered many enemies such as the Cybermen and the Terrileptils, but his greatest challenge was the promise he made to a dying Time Lord named "The Doctor." (The 10th Doctor) He had many Travels with many companions, however his Type 57 TARDIS was pulled into an alternate dimension where the majority of Earth's population was wiped out by a disease that kept the body living after death. While in this dimension he was bitten by one of these "Walkers" and slowly started to succumb to his wounds. Fortunately The Nightguard reached the safety of his TARDIS and began to regenerate in to his most infamous incarnation.

The Warguard
This incarnation of The Nightguard was a very shady character. Based on the information available this incarnation refused to be called the Nightguard. This was also around the time The Last Great Time War began. When the War ended with Gallifrey's "destruction" at the hands of the The Warrior (The War Doctor) he was beside himself in rage and grief. The War, having taken its toll on this incarnation and he collapsed due to exhaustion. when he came to he had a new face and new personality. And He was the Nightguard again.

The Second Nightguard
During this incarnation's aimless travels he decided to settle down on Earth disguised as an awkward high school student named Ben Paul, A name he decided would be permanent to cut (most of) his ties with the Time Lords. Now he faces a new Evil in the form of the Walkers. While fighting them he met many interesting people such as Lee Everett. In fending off the Walkers while trying to keep everyone alive, this incarnation fell off of a balcony and was impaled in the stomach by a pole, necessitating a regeneration. Gone was the tall, lanky 2nd Nightguard. In his place was the shorter more agile 3rd Nightguard.

The Third Nightguard
This Incarnation was perhaps the most egotistical Nightguard. He kept his compassion and love for humanity hidden behind a facade of uninterest and arrogance. This incarnation was forced to regenerate in orders to complete a mission of utmost importance.

The Fourth Nightguard
The 4th incarnation of the Nightguard was different than the others. He spoke in a Norwegian accent and occasionally used a gun. This incarnation regenerated as a result of the failure of the Omega-Sulu Project.

The Fifth Nightguard
The 5th Nightguard decided to begin the task that The Doctor gave him when he died. Find Gallifrey. Teaming up with an alternate version of The Doctor the two Time Lords eventually found it in a unknown sector of the Milky Way Galaxy's Delta Quadrant. The Nightguard finally got his revenge when the Daleks attacked. This incarnations regeneration came when he was shot in the back by a heavy weapons Dalek.

The Sixth Nightguard
The 6th Nightguard was a man of great intelligence and kindness. His predecessor's decision to send Gallifrey to the end of the Universe was enacted by this incarnation. He wandered around the Universe for some time, meeting up with old companions, and having a fantastic time. His regeneration came when he was hired as a security guard at a pizzeria which had been taken over by the Cybermen.

The Seventh Nightguard
The Seventh Nightguard kinda acted like he had a poll up his ass. After his predecessors regeneration damaged his TARDIS, he landed in 1975 in Gravity Falls, Oregon, where he met local con man Stanley Pines. He promised Pines that he would help him build a merchant fleet, and he delivered several ships to Pines including the aging RMS Titanic which ended up as the flagship of the fleet. This incarnation regenerated due to old age.

The Eighth Nightguard
The 8th Nightguard was much more fun loving than his predecessor. He enjoyed hugging people and was always willing to lend a helping hand. His regeneration almost never happened due to interference by the legendary Nightmare Child aka Bill Cipher. He was taken aboard the Titanic which was docked at Gravity Falls pier 47 and placed in its morgue. When he woke up he had a new face and no recollection of who he was.

The Ninth Nightguard
When he escaped from the Titanic's morgue, he instinctively went to the ships bridge. He was greeted by Stan's great nephew, Roderick "Dipper" Pines. Dipper was shocked to see an almost exact version of himself in adult form. This Nightguard disguised himself as Dipper and successfully defended Gravity Falls. This is his current incarnation.
RMS Titanic AU Nightguard Who/Gravity Falls Xover by p51cmustang
RMS Titanic AU Nightguard Who/Gravity Falls Xover
When the RMS Titanic was retired by the White Star Line in 1974 along side her running mate Britannic They were both sold to Private Buyers. The Britannic was purchased by the city of Long Beach California. Titanic however was sold to two men by the names of Mr. Mystery aka Stanley "Stan" Pines and The Nightguard. Titanic was then moved to the Port of Gravity Falls, Oregon where she went under many illegal modifications including 50 Cal. Cannon Turrets, Military Grade Diesel Turbines & Hull Armor, and several alien devices such as a Perception Filter and a Chameleon Circuit. Many of the modifications made were internal, although the most noticeable was the removal of the Café Parisian added to the ship after launch and extension of the B-Deck Promenade. It was in this configuration She served as the flagship of the Stan Co. Merchant Fleet. 

When The Nightguard, now in his Eighth Incarnation, returned to Gravity Falls in the year 2015 during the Weirdmageddon crisis the heavily modified Olympic class Ocean Liner finally saw action against the Nightmare Child aka Bill Cypher where Titanic Flew the Colours of The United States, The State of Oregon and the Time Lord Imperium. The Ship was manned by Stan Pines, His Brother Ford, His great Niece and nephew Dipper and Mabel Pines, his manservant/Cheif Engineer Jesus "Soos" Rodriguez and The Nightguard himself who recently Regenerated into his Ninth Incarnation after Bill mortally wounded The 8th Nightguard. The Ship was instrumental in Defeating the Nightmare Child and currently is standing guard at Pier 47 at the Gravity falls Cruise Terminal.

Gravity Falls (c) Alex Hirsch

Original Titanic Ortho by Mesanthroppee with modifications by me.
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So...........ive come to the decision that im gonna be taking a break from dA for a while. Just until I get a new computer. so I want to thank all of you people for putting up with my schiesse for this long. thank you.

Update #1: I will still be posting Updates of some stuff until tonight.

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So...........ive come to the decision that im gonna be taking a break from dA for a while. Just until I get a new computer. so I want to thank all of you people for putting up with my schiesse for this long. thank you.

Update #1: I will still be posting Updates of some stuff until tonight.

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